The Ambronay CEC

Designated a Cultural Encounter Centre in 2003, Ambronay is a place of sharing where culture is accessible to all; a place of open exchange. Children, adolescents, amateurs, professionals, researchers, students, international performing artists and young professionals…

Ambronay offers a space for creativity and development to all.

Le disque Invitation au voyage en campagne sur Mezzo !
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2015 European Baroque Academy : applications are open!
2015 European Baroque Academy : applications are open!

The 21st European Baroque Academy will be placed under the artistic and pedagogical direction of Enrico Onofri. 

Renowned violinist and conductor, Enrico Onofri is also recognised throughout Europe for his teaching skills. He has imagined a summer program revolving around 3 violin concertos that enhance this instrument's virtuosity. This musical overview will brilliantly bring together italian composers from the beginning of the baroque era and masters of the later german repertoire. A beautiful concerto by Vivaldi and the unforgettable Brandenburg Concerto No 3 by Bach will be the climax of this program.

These orchestral suites will provide the perfect creative terrain for young musicians recruited from across Europe.
The orchestre will be composed of 20 musicians (violins, violas, cellos and double bass) gathered together with Radio Antiqua.

Training sessions will take place in Pavie's Collegio Ghislieri (Italy) from July 5th to July 14th 2015 with specialized teachers. An european tour will follow from July 15th to July 26th, 2015.

Since its creation in 1993, the Ambronay European Baroque Academy has constituted an important step in the early career development of young artists. It is now part of the eeemerging project, bringing together one or several young ensembles, along with young musicians recruited individually from throughout Europe.

eeemerging is supported by the European Union throughout it's Creative Europe program.
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Open to singers born after January 1st, 1985. Application form must be returned before December 15th, 2014 at the following e-mail address :


Venez participer à des ateliers de Soundpainting baroque de janvier à juin 2015.
Ateliers gratuits et ouverts à tous.

ResidencesUn nouvel enregistrement dans la collection Jeunes Ensembles du label !

Le jeune ensemble l'Aura Rilucente enregistre à Jujurieux cette semaine.

EditionsAmbronay Éditions nommé aux International Classical Music Awards !!

Le disque Ambronay Éditions Vespro della Beata Vergine de Monteverdi est sélectionné dans la catégorie "baroque vocal"...


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