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Jean-Yves Hameline est l'auteur de l'ouvrage Leçons de Ténèbres, à paraître le 16 avril 2014 chez Ambronay Éditions. 

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The aims

In its function as a Cultural Encounter Centre, Ambronay offers to researchers the possibility of setting their research and methodologies side-by-side with the realities of practical music-making – and vice versa.

Research at Ambronay is therefore undertaken so that the arts and their audiences, professionals and amateurs, are not in opposition but can instead meet in an atmosphere of exchange and fruitful debate.

Crossing academic boundaries

The work undertaken at Ambronay is enhanced by a partnership of several different academic disciplines around a single issue; human sciences and musicology, musicologists and musicians, musicians and artists etc… A meeting which is as much intellectual as artistic.

A meeting place

In order to get to grips with the complexity of reality, it is necessary to deconstruct an issue in order to then approach it from a different perspective, to bring together historical time and geographical space in order to break down old habits and prejudices. In the same way, there will inevitably be a meeting of differing national practices as researchers and artists from all over the world bring their own complementary approaches to the debate.


A variety of work processes and scales of production are put into place to respond flexibly to the needs of any particular project. Following discussion and reflection, it is possible to formulate approaches which are in harmony with the specific focus of the subject. Study days or seminars may open up wider forums of debate; it may even be that a subject inspires a desire to render it, in collaboration with artists or musicians, in an artistic form.

Observe our activities

One of our main objectives at Ambronay is to include the wider public in our vast range of activities. To make this possible, the public may be invited to study days, symposiums and performances. To preserve Ambronay's capacity for adaptiveness and responsiveness, an experimental space has been specially created for this at Ambronay.

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