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Cultural encounter center

Ambronay, a project for now and for the future

Rooted in the prestigious and renowned tradition of its Festival of Early Music, the Cultural Encounter Centre undertakes a wide range of activities centred on early music and live performance, on the theme of 'music and the sacred' and the territories it encompasses.

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Since its designation in 2003, the Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre has devoted itself to behind-the-scenes and experimental work; the essential preparation for public performance. Through its artistic residencies and its Baroque Academy, Ambronay identifies and develops the emerging talents of tomorrow, provides rehearsal space for performers, initiates fruitful meetings between artists from different spheres, between scientists and resident artists, and between its audiences. Nurturing a project from its embryonic stages through its metamorphosis into a fully-fledged public work is the very essence of the Centre's mission.

The Ambronay Festival is where this year-round creative and multi-disciplinary work is given public visibility. This commitment to artistic creation also relies on a production team, a close-knit network of co-producers and promoters who allow programmes to be developed in an inspiring and supportive environment and then to be toured on a regional, national and international scale. Ambronay's work in the field of live performance and on the theme of 'music and the sacred' is communicated through the books and recordings of Ambronay Editions, which endow Ambronay's projects with a lasting presence beyond the events themselves.

All year round, the site of the Abbey is alive with activities which aim to raise awareness of the different arts – music, photography, theatre, dance, storytelling and visual arts… Bringing to the fore anthropological, sensory, artistic as well as historical themes, its original tours reach a wide audience. The Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre is also a key figure in the region, in tune with the economic life of the Ain and Rhône-Alpes. It has built a network of local businesses which through sponsorship inscribe their development and partnership in an enduring philosophy.

This position is strengthened by the importance given to working as part of a network. A founder member of the Early Music Network, which brings together almost 60 institutions in Europe, and a member of France Festivals, Ambronay is also particularly active within the European Network of Cultural Encounter Centres, which unites 43 historic monuments in twelve European countries.

The work of the Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre is founded on a multi-disciplinary approach to its activities which permits each to enrich the other. This synergy, totally focused on the all-encompassing creative coherence of the project, gives it a unique position in the French and European artistic landscape.

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Centre culturel de rencontre
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